Nginx, PHP 5.3, PHP-FPM and APC – Serious Speed

I’ve just got my hosting environment up and running after a recent rebuild. I spent a few nights working on getting PHP compiled correctly with all the modules I require but I’m pretty happy with it now. At this stage I’m using default settings for most things because I simply haven’t had time to “play”.

As of PHP 5.3.3, PHP-FPM is now added into PHP. To switch it on you simply need to compile PHP with the –enable-fpm flag set. You’ll need to setup the php-fpm.conf file for your environment, I went with a static setup rather than dynamic number of php-fpm processes. Make sure that you have libevent-1.4.11 or later before trying to compile PHP with PHP-FPM switched on.

Whats next – next is finding some time to spend tweaking and load testing my setup. I know of a few projects at the moment requiring extremely high performance infrastructure so this is my testing ground. If my blog is ever down – dont stress – it’ll be back soon. With testing comes breaking so if I drop off the internet for a day you’ll know why.

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