Load testing with Siege

I’ve been running load tests against my hardware to see how it copes. Here we go….

Transactions: 87830 hits
Availability: 99.72 %
Elapsed time: 899.33 secs
Data transferred: 157.22 MB
Response time: 2.05 secs
Transaction rate: 97.66 trans/sec
Throughput: 0.17 MB/sec
Concurrency: 200.31
Successful transactions:88089
Failed transactions: 245
Longest transaction: 24.29
Shortest transaction: 0.34

Based on that I should be able to serve around 8.6 million page views a day off a $40US per month hosting setup. If that isn’t value for money I’m not sure what is. I’m going to run siege overnight while I sleep and see how my servers survive 6 hours solid. I’ll give a breakdown on the stats for my servers tomorrow.

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