Load testing with Siege – Part II

edit: One thing to note is both of these tests are testing wordpress more than anything. I’ve since run tests just using <?php echo phpinfo();  ?> which did 24 million page views with 0 failures.

I set siege up last night to run for 6 hours although it appears that it was shutdown after 19 mins. I suspect its my own poor configuration of Siege that caused the problem but it still had some interesting stats. I pumped up the concurrency to 280 which I think is about the limit for my Siege box due to memory issues.

Here is the report…
Transactions:                  105786 hits
Availability:                  99.03 %
Elapsed time:                1165.26 secs
Data transferred:             223.68 MB
Response time:                  2.55 secs
Transaction rate:              90.78 trans/sec
Throughput:                     0.19 MB/sec
Concurrency:                  231.35
Successful transactions:      106299
Failed transactions:            1031
Longest transaction:           26.49
Shortest transaction:           0.35

Unfortunately at this level I’m getting a full 1% of failures however this is pushing the hardware to 7.6 million page views per day.

One thing to note is that my setup is currently “out of the box”, I haven’t used any special configuration or caching (outside of APC). When I get a chance I’ll configure Nginx properly and do some more testing.

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