Upcoming Outages

Hi Everyone, there is going to be some downtime coming up for my sites. I’m upgrading my hosting platform getting ready for isRaiding. I need to rebuild my database servers and my web servers so my blog might be a bit patchy for the next bit.

I’m working on a security project at the moment at Salsa and will be applying a lot of what I’ve learnt to my new hosting configuration. There were lots of security aspects I’d never even considered in previous incantations of this hosting platform. My focus had been almost entirely on speed and not so much on locking down the underlying platforms as much as possible.

If anyone has any experience with SELinux and even more so if they have it successfully running in a Linode or Rackspace Cloud environment I’d love to hear from you. I spent 2 days trying to get it working and unfortunately walked away from it as I ran out of time for that part of my research.

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