Building infrastructure for isRaiding

I’ve started work building isRaiding finally. I’ve implemented a small farm of VPS’s (Virtual Private Servers) to prove the technology I’m working with and to make sure that things will scale outward correctly.

I’m still testing database performance for MySQL and PostrgreSQL. I’ve always used MySQL but with Oracle owning MySQL I’m less inclined to use it as Oracle tries to monetize it in every way possible.

I’ve decided to run with DooPHP as my underlying framework for PHP. I’m going to be replacing some of it but for the most part it’ll be DooPHP under the hood. Nginx (pronounced Engine X) will be the web server driving the site. I’m also using PHP 5.3.x to take advantage of PHP-FPM built into it.

Memcached and APC also feature in the application stack for caching purposes.

I’d love to use MongoDB but it just isnt a reality when using a VPS with low memory.

The migration of all my sites to my new hosting should run smoothly. Time to make some money! đŸ™‚

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