Change is in the air…

Unfortunately I think PHP and I are going to part company. A few weeks ago I decided to try out Django and Python, I’ve never coded in Python before and I’d seen a few performance benchmarks around the place showing some amazing stats for pythons speed. Anyone that knows me, knows that I have a firm belief that if you start with something slow at the lowest level then its only going to get exponentially worse each layer above.

3 weeks in and I’m dumbfounded that at how far I’ve come, what I’ve been able to build with almost no knowledge of the language. Compared to PHP, Python is beautiful to use. You can do so much with so little code. Everything is an object so OOP isn’t optional. Building up an application can be incredibly quick as there are tons of amazing modules that add instant functionality. Unlike the vast majority of PHP projects, code seems to be much higher quality with all the modules I’ve used having extensive tests packaged with them.

Django seems very solid. The automatic admin system is one of my favourite features of Django. It’s nice to have fun coding again, and Python and Django are certainly making it fun. Maybe if I get some time at a later date I’ll rip out wordpress and roll my own blog or possibly put Mezzanine through its paces.

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    1. Well I’ve smashed out a couple of quick simple Django projects. At the moment though I’m completely stuffed with a Form issue that I dont know how to solve. Time to move on and come back to it later I think.

  1. I have the reverse feeling, I find python with all it’s java like syntax extremely ugly and difficult to deal with.

    I’ve also found that the “unit test” mindset quickly falls by the wayside once you go outside of the major packages. And a lot of the lesser packages “unit tests” tend to be autogenerated skeletons which were never actually implemented.

    Nothing against Python, it has a very good set of code for many instances. I just don’t find it all that fun for web coding. PHP is still my go to language for any web apps.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Gary, I might just be suffering from “oh shiny, something new to play with” syndrome but I’ve knocked out a couple of Django sites lately and I’m really enjoying it. I’m sure there is a fair bit of murky water around the edges just like PHP but for the most part all the modules I’ve used to date have been rock solid. As for syntax, I think we’ll have to agree to disagree. I really love forced indentation and find it very easy to read/code.

      My only complaint so far with Django is that the Forms API can be a real handful if you want to build more complex forms.

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