Time for a change!

After much deliberating I’ve decided to rebuild nigeldunn.com from scratch. I’m still nutting out the details of what I’m going to use but at this stage I’m planning on single page app using HTML5, angular.js, pypy and cyclone.io. I want this to be a knowledge sharing exercise as much as it is a redesign so…

The goals of this exercise are:

  1. Build a SEO friendly single page web application
  2. Retain all of my blog articles and comments from WordPress
  3. Make the site fully responsive (in other words: desktop and mobile friendly)
  4. Add some interesting real time functionality to the site (websockets or similar)
  5. Document the process so others can learn from it
  6. Showcase how to build a high performance, scalable website using the latest techniques
  7. Illustrate how to effectively use AWS for high availability and auto scaling
  8. Maybe learn a few things along the way 🙂

Now to be fair most of my skillset is around DevOps so I’ll do my best on the design front but I may have to recruit a graphic designer to help. I also plan on releasing all of my code for my site including deployment scripts and cloudformation templates via my GitHub account.

Because my site doesnt get very much traffic I’m going to use t1.micro instances on AWS to keep the costs down as this site will be a proof of concept (it doesn’t generate income so I don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars a month unnecessarily) however it will have autoscaling setup to allow for traffic spikes.

Continue on to Part 1: Planning and Preparation – WTF am I going to build?

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